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HarvEX / Turbo-Sniper :: eBay Bid Sniper & Universal Automation Tool !

HarvEX is the leading eBay all-round automation software : bidding, bid sniping ( placing automated bids ), power bulk searching, navigating, eBay macro automation. Turbo-Sniper SE is the leading 2-way sniping technology intrated in HarvEX : enables joint standalone & server based auction sniping ( placing automated bids ).

Additional HarvEX Power Macros,  e.g. Auction Price Booster (sellers), Excel Driven Bulk Sniping

SynchronEX :: Advanced File Tree Synchronizer, Backup & FTP Software (Free Trial)

Powerful but easy-to-use software (Windows & Linux) for synchronizing files trees in applications like: Laptop/PC/server-synchronization, backup, incremental web-site FTP upload, WEBDAV WAN file synchronization, multi-point editing with collision detection, finding duplicate files & empty directories, ... optimized for automation & scheduling. GUI frontend with wizards.

Turbo-Email-Answer :: Template Based Email Answering & Auto-Response Software

TEA has shown to speed up daily email answering & forwarding by more than 300%. It supports interactive template based operation and full-automatic operation. Enables also quick Windows hotkey access to text snippets.

Turbo-Mailer :: Bulk eMail Software

Easy-to-use bulk emailer (text/html) supporting multi-threaded SMTP. Sophisticated scriptable email list processor. Supports personalization of mails through variable columns. Writes professional log-files for successful and refused addresses. Especially suitable for sending out business newsletters and circulars. 

Embedded x86 Products

Turbo-Locator :: ROM Code relocator for embedded x86 and Flat / Raw / BIOS PC applications (16bit)

Coming soon

1st CMS ::  Creating and maintaining consistent web sites in a simple, transparent way

  • Smart HTML processor which flexibly updates / re-works classic HTML files, which can be handled locally and edited normally with your favorite powerful HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Kompozer, BlueGriffon, Seamonkey ...)
  • No need  for remote online editing, PHP, databases and complex CMS administration.
    (But still possible seamlessly)
  • Examples for dynamic content:
    • Basic template page(s) or sub-sections
      => consistent layout, header, footer ..
    • menus, lists / trees
    • structure bars
    • consistent multi-language cross linking
    • automatic consistent translation of menu / structure elements to other languages
    • news boxes
    • sitemaps
    • ...
  • Built-in tools:
    • Wizards for a quick start into a new project or site transformation
    • FTP / SFTP smart incremental upload of changed files
    • HTML check
    • Link check
    • ...
  • Powerful Python-based Script API for advanced usage, which allows arbitrary complex processing and  transformation of HTML and other content.
  • Resulting sites perform very fast, because the web server has to serve (mainly) just static content

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